clean websphere portal temp directories

November 2015 ยท 1 minute read

WebSphere and WebSphere Portal create temporary directories for managing publish state, session state, and other data that can accumulate, degrading performance and causing publishing synchronization issues, especially on a development machine. If you begin to experience slow startup times or have publishing errors from RAD, cleaning temp folders can often resolve these issues.

On Windows, use Robocopy to delete long file paths

Note: On Windows, long directory paths can sometimes cause problems when trying to delete files in the WebSphere directory. Robocopy.exe is a bundled utility that has support for long file paths. Robocopy can be used to all files in a directory by mirroring an empty directory.

  1. Create an empty directory. C:\>mkdir temp/empty
  2. Using the empty directory as the source directory, you can use Robocopy’s /MIR switch to mirror the empty directory, effectivly deleteing all files in the destination directory.
  3. >robocopy.exe C:\temp\empty C:\folder\to\delete\ /MIR

  4. Stop the server.

profile_root/wstemp profile_root/temp profile_root/logs profile_root/tranlog